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Welcome, I Refuse to Live in Fear! Intro To The Imperfectly Healthy Doc

I wanted to start off my first post by saying welcome and thank you for joining me here. And having an interest in what I have to share here at The Imperfectly Healthy Doc. In addition, I appreciate your interest more than you know. I was apprehensive about starting a blog sharing how my life and health has changed over the last 4 years. And sharing the knowledge I’ve gained about health and wellness as I’ve grown as a Chiropractor. If I’m being completely honest with myself, I downplay the depth of knowledge I have. And out of fear I have steered away from starting this platform.

As I have done inward work on myself. I have come to the realization that I am more competent than I give myself credit. And that I have information and a story that is worthy of sharing. My story is so much like that of many women. The struggle to love yourself in a world where comparisons are constantly pushed onto you, the struggle to try to be healthier in a world that is set up to make you fail, the struggle of staying strong when you feel like you are doing everything right but you still fall short. The world these days is a tough place to be at times. But there is hope, and there is light… it just takes time.

I still haven’t figured it all out… but that is the point of this blog. To document the process as I try to figure it out. And hope to get closer and closer to my optimal health. We are going to explore different areas of health and how they present in your body. We are going to talk about what some of the avenues to remedy these imbalances look like. And I’m going to be up front with you, they can get a little funky and out there to the average person. But just bear with me and have an open mind. Because there is a method to the madness.

A big part of this blog is finding balance between living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying life in moderation. Or as I’d like to say an 80/20 lifestyle. 80% of the time you are on point, making the healthiest decisions possible. While 20% of the time you make the best decisions you can given the situation you are in. A majority of the time I am doing the absolute best I can to avoid toxins and processed foods, drinking properly filtered water, and abstaining from alcohol. But life is short, no one can be perfect all the time. I refuse to put up a front that I live life that way, it’s unrealistic.

That type of facade sets an unrealistic precedent for the health space. There’s no way I would live the rest of my life without enjoying french fries, chicken wings, ice cream, cookies, or wear an occasional lipstick that isn’t toxin free. I’m not going to walk around with travel soap in my pocket because I am afraid of the artificial fragrance or perfume that is in traditional hand soap that is used just about everywhere in public. But what I will do, is have control over my own space. I control what I bring into my home, what I cook for my meals, and what I put on my body. I plan to create enough health and resiliency within my body to be able to withstand the stress that comes with environmental toxins that I can’t control. So I can enjoy my life as it happens, and not live in fear.

I look forwarding to sharing this process with you. And you joining me on the way to an enjoyable healthy lifestyle.

In Health,

Dr. Jordan Hale

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